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North-West University

The North-West University offers the very best in tertiary education and produces students ready to reshape the world we live in. The NWU has adopted a strategy to position itself as a unitary institution of superior academic excellence, with a commitment to social justice. Our purpose will be to excel in innovative learning and teaching and cutting-edge research, thereby benefitting society through knowledge. In ten years’ time we want to be an internationally recognised university in Africa, distinguished for engaged scholarship, social responsiveness and an ethic of care. Through this new direction, the NWU promises to be a dynamic, excellent and values-driven institution.

contact details

  •   Address: C1 Building, 1st Floor Room 123, 53 Borcherd Street, Potchefstroom, Room 128, South Africa
  •   Telephone: +27182994897   +27182852010  
  •   Fax: +27182994938  
  •  Email: musa.zanempi@nwu.ac.za  
  •   Web: www.nwu.ac.za  


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